The Qick Guide to successful children's parties
The Quick version of The Complete Children's Party Survival Guide

"Let's Eat" (1)

To avoid a mad dash to the food table, never say "let's eat" or "who's going to be first at the table"?
To achieve an orderly sit down at the table, choose the children one at a time starting with the birthday child.
Avoid having the children standing up at tea time.
Avoid a buffet style tea with children collecting their food and drinks and then wandering off to find a place to sit down.
If you cannot seat everyone round the table, lay some paper cloths out on the floor and sit the children round those.  
  Never give blowers out at tea time. The only time it is safe to give out blowers is in the party bags at home time.
Beware of party hats. Many children do not like wearing them and you could end up spending the majority of tea time repairing broken elastic.  
  Avoid party poppers, especially in the hands of the very young.
Aside from urgent calls of nature, do not let children leave the table until the tea time is completely over. Even if some children do not want anymore food, tell them that everyone must remain at the table until Happy Birthday has been sung.  

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