The Complete Children's Party Survival Guide

By Rob Grigor


Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:  In Praise Of Children's Parties
Chapter 2:   So What Was Chapter 1 All About?
Chapter 3:   Inviting Trouble
Chapter 4:   We've Only Just Begun
Chapter 5:   Beware Of Strangers Bearing Gifts
Chapter 6:   Let The Games Commence
Chapter 7:   That's Another Fine Mess
Chapter 8:   Feeding Time At The Zoo
Chapter 9:   To Be Or Not To Be
Chapter 10: Tea For 2 (or 20, or 200!)
Chapter 11: Everybody Get Down
Chapter 12: The Party's Over
Appendix 1: Parties Outside The Home
Appendix 2: Further Reading
Appendix 3: Table Of Contents



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